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Of UFOs And Global Warming PART I AND II

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J. Maussan S. Garza "NASA Misssion& UFO Incidents" DVD:
A Policeman in Mexico gets a call over his radio about reports of a UFO Craft coming down near his patrol car where they record the event on the cars video. The search for the craft but found nothing.

Interesting, isn’t it--the ongoing denial of Global Warming by a loud but dwindling number of Bushites in Congress and other places of power?

I believe more than anything in the ability of science to find out the truth around these issues. I know the peer review process works.

The overwhelming evidence is we are contributing to global warming in a serious way.

Of course there’s always room for debate, but when you have so many peer-reviewed papers agreeing on a single conclusion, you have to go with the consensus. Scientists have egos --and in this era of diminishing pure-science research and hyper-specialization-- scientists also have closely-guarded specialties.

It’s this combination that has devolved into a vast system of protectionism --an institutional protectionism whose basic response to anomaly or controversy is silence. In the case of Global Warming, we’ve just witnessed how this institutional silence can be decades long…despite masses of evidence to the contrary.

So, given all those egos, protectionism and institutionalized silence, scientists from all specialty areas consensing on Global Warming, it’s got to be a first! A real anomaly!

And that’s why I keep reminding myself to highlight the difference between pure science…and scientists.

I can’t help but notice how the larger group of scientists have managed to maintain the other kind of consensus --consensus by total silence-- on the UFO question.

But despite the scientific community’s desperate consensus of silence, UFOs have stood against the best debunking campaign in the world…and still they remain unidentified.

Proof of the existence of UFOs is so powerful that it will stand up to any kind of scrutiny. That is, if anyone would spend the money to present the true scope of that proof.

Unfortunately, the more traditional politics of science --which I’m calling silence-- are such that scientists, individually or institutionally, will not allow authentic scientific research on UFOs.

What do I mean by that? Simply this: you can’t get a peer-reviewed paper written on the UFO topic.

Did you know the only peer reviewed paper entertained by the scientific community since1980 was accepted by The Journal Of The British Interplanetary Society on the condition the authors could only use three old, non-contemporary cases?

Does it take a scientist to decode a restriction like that? The BIS Journal paper wasn’t about scientific inquiry. It was about keeping things safe, keeping the domain controlled by grossly limiting scope via the pitiful number of cases examined. I wonder how global warming would have fared if each paper were allowed allow three statistics which the governing body selected.
However, if you think rationally about the subject of the paper below, and the scientific argument that Fermi’s Paradox did not take into account anomalous activities, maybe this, in itself, is evidence that we are being visited.
Fermi’s Paradox: the time has long past since earth should have been visited by other civilizations, in fact by more than thousands a times. So, where are these other civilizations? See the paper:


J. Deardorff, B. Haisch, B. Maccabee and H.E. Puthoff
Journal of the British Interplanetary Society, Vol 58, pp. 43-50, 2005.

Fermi was right: there should be evidence.

Well, evidence is here! We call the evidence UFOs, and guess what? They do an amazingly diverse range of things…including things that look like magic to us.

Fermi predicted multiples of advanced civilizations, a hundred times over…Serious, scientific-minded researchers and thinking folks report incredible diversity in both the form and behavior of UFOs. Ditto with the reports on the diversity of UFO inhabitants’ form and behavior.

So, let me ask the key question this way: given all this diversity in form and behavior, couldn’t thoughtful people conclude that this very diversity might represent multiple origins from a variety of technologies, cultures, and worlds?

But what really gets me pissed off is how scientists won’t talk to us, the citizen observers of the UFO phenomenon. It’s more like they talk at us. We all know how that feels. They treat us like idiots. So we ignore them, but they don’t ignore us, because the professional debunking and the derision never stop. Debunking and derision are the only violations of the conspiracy of silence UFO researchers get from our approach to the scientific community.

Here’s my point: there’s plenty of silence on the research and debate front…but plenty of noise on the professional, institutional debunking front.

Anyone --newb or long-time UFO civilian researcher, or honest scientist-- can see that there is great pressure at this time to make sure this subject remains ‘stupidized’. Yet every worthwhile investigation has already proven UFOs exist…unless ‘unidentified’ means something other than we don’t know exactly what it is, or where it came from.

UFOs are real. They EXIST.

They exist because some of the people who view them know, by reason of their expertise, what they are not.

For the rest of my HOT UFO PROOF LIST, see the next blog, PART 2.

Joseph Capp
UFO Media Matters

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